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Acupuncture Point Cards (2nd Edition)

384 cards, 4" x 6"
Durable storage case
ISBN:  0-9559096-0-0


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Acupuncture Point Cards (2nd Edition)

Peter Deadman
Mazin Al-Khafaji
with Kevin Baker

A companion to A Manual of Acupuncture, there are 384 durable point reference and study cards covering all 391 of the 14 channel and extra (miscellaneous) points. Each card measures 4" x 6", and most are devoted to a single point. This second edition of the point cards offers a new terra cotta storage case, two-color cards, the addition of pinyin accents, and updated point locations and location notes to match the latest edition of A Manual of Acupuncture.

The front of each card presents a dedicated illustration of the point showing its anatomical location. The back presents the English and Chinese names (in both pinyin and Chinese characters), the special categories or groupings to which the point belongs, the principal actions and clinical indications, and advice about locating and needling the point, including precautions. Additional cards illustrate the cun measuring system, needling directions, tables of point categories, and a glossary of terms. The cards are boxed in a very handsome, sturdy, and easy-to-access storage case with tabbed dividers.

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