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Atlas of Manipulative Techniques for the Cranium & Face

251 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"
100 illustrations
ISBN:  0-939616-02-5


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Atlas of Manipulative Techniques for the Cranium & Face

Alain Gehin

With more than one hundred illustrated techniques, Atlas of Manipulative Techniques for the Cranium & Face is one of the most comprehensive sources of cranial techniques available.

Organized by bone, each technique is illustrated through remarkable drawings which graphically depict the placement and movement of the practitioner's hands on the patient's head. Accompanying text systematically describes the purpose of the technique, the position of both patient and practitioner, the points of contact, and the movement of hands and fingers in relation to the cranial motion.

The concise, systematic description of each technique and the vivid illustrations which accompany the text have contributed equally to the success which this book has enjoyed throughout the world.


"A valuable contribution to the literature on the cranial concept."
from the Foreword by Viola M. Frymann, D.O., F.A.A.O.

"An excellent resource for the advanced practitioner of cranial therapy."

"Very good for in-depth study of details."
Rolf Lines


  • General Techniques (vault & fronto-occipital hold, bending & rotating movements, vertical strains, decompression, sutural opening & spreading)
  • Occipital Techniques
  • Temporal Techniques
  • Frontal Techniques
  • Parietal Techniques
  • Sphenoidal Techniques
  • Facial Bones
  • Circulatory Techniques


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